I adore sessions like Katie’s. Lovely day, at the lake, super laid back, and with one of the most adorably beautiful girls ever!! Katie has one of those bubbly personalities that you can’t help but love and an infectious smile that makes you smile right back at her. I first worked with Katie’s brother a […]

Well, Christina had found this awesome location and then…it rained. And rained. And rained. And flooded. And the awesome location was no longer accessible without a boat. SO….we pulled an audible and managed to utilize some cool locations in downtown Saginaw. It was a beautiful day, despite the rain that had started late the night […]

Despite the heat and humidity, Madison was cool as a cucumber and a complete natural in front of the camera! I swear this girl could be a model! She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning personality to match that made working with her and her adorable mom so amazing! Between her great smile and […]

Taking Keegan’s photos was a little crazy for me, mostly because I kept thinking, “How is this kid a senior already?!” I’ve known Keegan since before he turned 2 when I started dating his brother. Now, 15 years later, it is so cool to see what a handsome and awesome young man he has become. […]

I have had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family for 5 of their 7 children and I couldn’t feel more honored!! Sophie is absolutely gorgeous and such an absolute sweetheart. She and her mom found this amazing garden out in Hemlock – think Dow Gardens but way better – and I was in […]

This handsome, tall drink of water was such a pleasure to work with! From Drew’s fashion concerns (“Is my tie straight?” or “how far up should I roll my sleeves”) to his inability to NOT catch a fish during the photos, I was left cracking up at his comments and jokes the whole time. The […]

Every once in awhile (or in my case, ALL. THE. TIME) you get person in front of your camera that makes your job so incredibly easy off the bat, and then so incredibly difficult! Mitch’s session was one of those sessions. The kid could NOT take a bad picture and I found myself taking WAYYYYY […]