Christina {Senior} Class of 2018 | Saginaw Photographer

Jun 29, 2017

Well, Christina had found this awesome location and then…it rained. And rained. And rained. And flooded. And the awesome location was no longer accessible without a boat. SO….we pulled an audible and managed to utilize some cool locations in downtown Saginaw. It was a beautiful day, despite the rain that had started late the night before and continued into the morning, and an awesome session with a gorgeous young lady! Last year, when I did her sister’s photos she came along to shlep clothing and drive us around the back areas of their property, so it was fitting that her adorable younger sister, came along to help for hers! Thank you Christina for being such an amazing model and to Catherine for all your help holding the reflector! Hope to take yours in a couple years too! Enjoy!



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