Keegan {Senior} Class of 2018 | Saginaw Photographer

Jun 29, 2017

Taking Keegan’s photos was a little crazy for me, mostly because I kept thinking, “How is this kid a senior already?!” I’ve known Keegan since before he turned 2 when I started dating his brother. Now, 15 years later, it is so cool to see what a handsome and awesome young man he has become. It was also throwing me off a bit with how much he looks like his older brothers – yea, yea, I know they’re brothers but I mean really… Patrick and Sean tagged along for moral support and to drive us around on the crazy muggy evening that we took the photos. Thanks, Keegan, for putting up with me trying to make you laugh, taking a bajillion photos of you, and for being an awesome person that I’m proud to say that I’m related to! Happy Senior Year!



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