Are these two not going to have the most beautiful children EVER?! Seriously… Patrick and I were out for a walk in the nearby park and we noticed that the orchard was partially in bloom and I knew that I just HAD to take photos. Since moving here I’ve done mostly just landscape or other […]

This is my LOVELY friend Kim, a conservation architect from California, also braving the lovely South Bend winters for her man while he’s in business school. 😉 One of her current projects is the Historic Rushton apartment building in downtown South Bend.  The Rushton, built in 1906, was the first “high rise” in South Bend, […]

In the midst of the first big snow storm of the season back in December, Patrick and I decided to venture out for a leisurely walk around campus – my camera in tow. It was Christmas break so the campus was devoid of the usual bustling students though we did run into a few people, […]

Does anyone else think that pigeons are filthy disgusting animals? I will never understand people who do this…Opposite this photo people were holding pieces of bread getting the birds to land on them. Gross. So I may have stalked this adorable man and his grandchildren because I HAD to photograph them!! Like seriously the cutest […]

Some of the interior at the Santo Mauro, where we stayed for the first week in Madrid. I absolutely LOVED the decor, so many fun patterns and colors!! Restaurante Botin – opened in 1725 and the world’s oldest restaurant. Royal Palace of Madrid An Egyptian Temple donated to Spain from Egypt when the building of […]

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing, Jordyn, a beautiful young lady the day before her sweet sixteen!! You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but it was absolutely FREEEZZZINNNGGGGGG!!! Emphasis on the FREEZING. Where we were, right on the lakeshore, it was about 14 degrees with gusts of wind […]

So like 3 months ago, at the beginning of the senior portrait season rush, my sister and I took a little trip around the Saginaw area to do a little location scouting, and I am FINALLY getting around to posting some pictures from her impromtu session! Isn’t she beautiful? It was a cloudy, rainy, and […]