After Patrick’s not so subtle “suggestions” to drive up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (“You should go take pictures of the tulips today…”, “look at these cool photos of the tulips…and this one…and this one…”, “It’s supposed to be sunny up in Skagit today…”) I [aggravatingly] drove the hour north to check out the […]

With all the home renovations and decorating that I’ve been doing the last 6 months, I decided to take a little time to slow down and wander through the park by my house. There’s something to this whole 50s during the winter months… And a couple from the lovely flowers in my front yard.

Unless I’ve gone on a trip and have taken lots of photos, I generally don’t post too much on my blog about the comings and goings on of my personal life. However, with the big changes coming in the next couple months I thought it might be good to let clients know how the changes […]

At the end of our first day of driving back home to South Bend, we took the opportunity to get out and see the stars under the big Montana sky. There was a meteor shower (though I don’t think you can see any in these two photos) and we got to see the Milky Way. […]