I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Hanna a couple weeks ago when I was back home in Michigan. It was an absolutely gorgeous night to work with such a gorgeous girl in such beautiful locations! We met at her aunt’s house to take advantage of the absolutely breathtaking landscaping in their yard before heading […]

A little sneak peek from Elizabeth’s fabulous senior session last weekend! Enjoy!

A little sneak peek from Hanna’s fabulous session last week! Stay tuned for more!!

Sarah’s session will be one of those special sessions that I talk about for years to come. I’ve had sessions that have been postponed for rain in the middle, and I’ve had sessions that have stayed dry only while I was shooting, but I’ve never had a session go so quickly from sunny skies to […]

The third of my repeat clients, I photographed Kamryn’s sister, Karlee, a couple years ago in Chicago, while I was still living there. Since then, I’ve moved three times but it’s clients like Lori, Kamryn, and Karlee that keep me coming back to Saginaw year after year for more! Kamryn’s session was one of those […]

It could not have been a more gorgeous evening to work with as beautiful of a girl as Kaylin! I seriously cannot get over how lovely she is and how rockin’ her serious face is. 😉 We wandered around downtown Bay City enjoying the sun and chatting with her mom, sister Alyssa, and I even […]

Of the 5 sessions I had while in Saginaw, THREE of them were siblings of past clients! I shot Lindsay’s beautiful older sister, Mallorie, in 2013 and feel so blessed to be able to work with Lindsay and her lovely mom, Kathy, this year!! I seriously adored everything about this session! Besides being absolutely beautiful, […]

If there ever were a woman that I’d wish had a bazillion kids for me to photograph year after year it would have to be Tammy. I first got to work with her and her gorgeous daughter, Allison, a couple years ago when I fell in love with her awesomeness – so I was beyond […]

Just a little sneak peek from Sarah’s senior session last week! Enjoy!

Just a little sneak peek from Kamryn’s senior session last week! Enjoy!