Layne {Seniors 2015} | Saginaw Photographer

Oct 6, 2014

I have fun on every one of my sessions, but every once in awhile I have one of those sessions that is just kinda awesome. We started the session out brilliantly by getting locked out of the football field for her lacross photos, but managed to turn things around once we got to the Bay City State Park, where they (luckily) haven’t yet cut down the bajillion trees set to be taken down in the coming months. ::Sadface:: Together, Layne and her friend Abbey were a riot. I think that is the simplest way to say it. The session was filled with tons of laughter, confusion (mostly on my part), a little sadness (when I realized they’d never even heard of “New Girl”) and resulted in me feeling older than I’ve ever felt before during a session. Thanks a lot guys… 😉 But was definitely a blast. Thank you Layne for a fabulous session and for being such a beautiful subject to work with! Enjoy!!



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