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Colton {Senior} Class of 2019

Cameron + Family {Senior} Class of 2019 | Saginaw Photographer

Drew + Family {Senior} Class of 2019 | Saginaw Photographer

Katie {Senior} Class of 2019 | Saginaw Photographer

I adore sessions like Katie’s. Lovely day, at the lake, super laid back, and with one of the most adorably beautiful girls ever!! Katie has one of those bubbly personalities that you can’t help but love and an infectious smile that makes you smile right back at her. I first worked with Katie’s brother a few years back (now a senior in college and graduating this year!) so I was thrilled when Janet contacted me to do Katie’s!! Thank you guys for such a wonderful session! You guys are the best and hope that you love your photos as much as I loved taking them!! Enjoy!!

Kennedy {Newborn} | Seattle Photographer

Welcome to the world Miss Kennedy!! We are all so excited for you and for your parents! You are so loved!

Robbie, Katharine, + Nathan {Family Portraits 2017} | Seattle Photographer

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with this gorgeous family and this ADORABLE and smart almost 3 year old. I seriously could not get enough of his cuteness. It was such an absolutely amazing Seattle evening – not too hot, not too cool, perfectly sunny, and a perfect location. I was losing it over this beautiful light. Thank you Katharine, Nathan, and Robbie for an amazing session and for your patience as I’ve been dealing with getting a new computer set up. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I think I’m FINALLY getting caught up. 😉 Enjoy!!

Tessa + Matthew {Getting Married!} | Saginaw Photographer

Can I just say that I ADORE this couple? Tessa and Matthew are just so incredibly fun and totally don’t take things too seriously, which made doing this session so amazing! They are getting married next month (I think less than a month now?!) and just wanted to do a fun session in Saginaw since they’re in the process of figuring out where they’ll live once they’re married. They already had gorgeous engagement photos done with their wedding photographer in the winter but since the weather was nice, they were feeling nostalgic for home, and I was going to be in town, it just made sense that we do another session. Of course. And who doesn’t love some beautiful photos?! I just know these two beautiful people are going to have an amazing and long lasting marriage with their deep faith and deep devotion to each other. Being around them just made me happy, and that is truly the best kind of love. Thank you guys for having me shoot your photos! I had such an amazing time and wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!! You deserve it!

Christina {Senior} Class of 2018 | Saginaw Photographer

Well, Christina had found this awesome location and then…it rained. And rained. And rained. And flooded. And the awesome location was no longer accessible without a boat. SO….we pulled an audible and managed to utilize some cool locations in downtown Saginaw. It was a beautiful day, despite the rain that had started late the night before and continued into the morning, and an awesome session with a gorgeous young lady! Last year, when I did her sister’s photos she came along to shlep clothing and drive us around the back areas of their property, so it was fitting that her adorable younger sister, came along to help for hers! Thank you Christina for being such an amazing model and to Catherine for all your help holding the reflector! Hope to take yours in a couple years too! Enjoy!

Madison {Senior} Class of 2018 } Saginaw Photographer

Despite the heat and humidity, Madison was cool as a cucumber and a complete natural in front of the camera! I swear this girl could be a model! She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning personality to match that made working with her and her adorable mom so amazing! Between her great smile and the fantastic lighting I was totally geeking out the whole time – they probably thought I was insane. lol Thank you Madison and Catherine for the wonderful session and for putting up with my craziness! Enjoy!

Keegan {Senior} Class of 2018 | Saginaw Photographer

Taking Keegan’s photos was a little crazy for me, mostly because I kept thinking, “How is this kid a senior already?!” I’ve known Keegan since before he turned 2 when I started dating his brother. Now, 15 years later, it is so cool to see what a handsome and awesome young man he has become. It was also throwing me off a bit with how much he looks like his older brothers – yea, yea, I know they’re brothers but I mean really… Patrick and Sean tagged along for moral support and to drive us around on the crazy muggy evening that we took the photos. Thanks, Keegan, for putting up with me trying to make you laugh, taking a bajillion photos of you, and for being an awesome person that I’m proud to say that I’m related to! Happy Senior Year!


Colton {Senior} Class of 2019
Colton {Senior} Class of 2019

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Children and Families

Cameron + Family {Senior} Class of 2019 | Saginaw Photographer
Cameron + Family {Senior} Class of 2019 | Saginaw Photographer

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Tessa + Matthew {Getting Married!} | Saginaw Photographer
Tessa + Matthew {Getting Married!} | Saginaw Photographer

Can I just say that I ADORE this couple? Tessa and Matthew are just so incredibly fun and totally do…

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