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Jun 9, 2014

Unless I’ve gone on a trip and have taken lots of photos, I generally don’t post too much on my blog about the comings and goings on of my personal life. However, with the big changes coming in the next couple months I thought it might be good to let clients know how the changes will affect my business. As many of you know, I’ve been conducting business predominantly in Saginaw, despite living out of state both in Chicago, IL and South Bend, IN over the past 4 years. Last summer I even made a trip cross country while my husband was interning at Amazon, to do senior portraits. Well, the internship has turned into a full time offer and as a result, we will be packing up and relocating to Seattle at the end of July.

So what does this mean for MY business?

I will continue to be available for sessions and will be back and forth to Saginaw a lot through the end of July to spend time with family and friends (Seattle is a little farther away than South Bend :-() and I will be trying to do as many sessions as possible in this time frame. I know some people prefer sessions later in the summer and because of that, I also plan to be back the week of Labor Day. I will be back periodically throughout the year as well since you can’t keep me away from my family or keep a Midwest girl out of the Midwest for TOO long.

How silly of me to think that life post grad school would get less crazy. Graduation week was just the beginning of what has already begun to be a whirlwind adventure of days filled with traveling, time spent in the car, packing, organizing, and lets not forget my job. While Patrick is enjoying the life of the “FUN-employed before beginning his job in August,” I continue to take pics (I even have a NEW camera just in time for the Class of 2015 WOOT WOOT!!) and do design work. I guess you could say I’m FUNemployed only in a little different way because my job actually is SO FUN! haha

Though it’s busy and a little crazy at times, I’m definitely NOT complaining – I am so blessed in so many ways! We’re so excited for this new chapter and the amazing new location to be living – we LOVED Seattle last summer . I’m mostly bummed to be living so far away from the most important blessings of all: our families. Thank God we live in a world of FaceTime, free long distance phone calls, and text messaging so we’re never farther away than our phones are from us.

So yea…just wanted y’all to know what’s going on and I don’t want you to be deterred from scheduling sessions because I’m moving away. Remember: I’ve always lived out of state and I don’t plan to let a little thing like 3,000 miles change too much else except time zones. I look forward to the Class of 2015 and can’t wait to meet the clients that the next year brings!!




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