Jonathan {3 Months} | Saginaw Photographer

Calling my photographer sister out on her failure to take photos of my handsome little nephew in the leaves, so I decided to take matters into my own hands while I was in town last week. 😉 (Just kidding Jordy I know you take pics of that face all the time…;)) Anywho, we managed beat the sun going down on one of the many cloudy days I was home (you’d think I’d be used to the clouds living in Seattle now!) and got a few fun pics to celebrate Jonathan’s 3rd month of life! I cannot get over his cute face and my face hurts from smiling the whole time I was editing this session. I miss him already! He’s definitely my favoritest nephew ever…Enjoy a few pics of this handsome fella to brighten this Wednesday!

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  1. mommafallon says: I cannot stop looking at these, I’m obsessed!I’m absolutely in LOOOOOOOVE with these photos! So glad you kidnapped your nephew and captured them! My heart is gonna explode.

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