Brady + Eliza {Children} | Saginaw Photographer

Nov 12, 2012

Brady and Eliza, besides being tied for my most photographed clients (This is the 5th year!!), are by far also two of my favorite clients!! Each year I look forward to seeing what kind outfit or theme that Christyn will come up with next and I swear each year it gets more and more awesome. I have to say, I think this year takes the cake. When Christyn mentioned that she’d had a patient who collected cars and who would allow us to shoot the session using them I never, in my wildest dreams, could have imagined the extent of the awesomeness of Mr. Howard’s collection. Not only does he collect old cars, he also collects¬†memorabilia¬†and over the years has acquired all of the components to build his own vintage gas station using reclaimed wood and parts from old buildings. The little building was full of authentic vintage signs (not new replicas), car parts, an old coke machine, the list goes on and on. I seriously was in heaven!! Add those two beautiful children and it was definitely at the top of my list of favorite sessions!! Thank you Christyn, Toby, Brady, and Eliza for always giving the most amazing material to work with!! It took me soooo long to edit this session because I couldn’t stop smiling at my computer screen or laughing out loud at a silly look or smile on the face of those cuties!! Their expressions never cease to make me laugh. Thank you again for a fabulous session!!! Enjoy!!! (PS…I’m not going to lie, I was listening to a PBS documentary on Prohibition while editing these photos – I think it got me in the Roaring Twenties mood. hehe)

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