Blossers {Children} | Saginaw Photographer

Oh. My. God. I love these children. Every year Christyn outdoes herself with coming up with a fun themed photo session and every year these two angel faces rock out and encompass the feeling of the time period in a way that I could never have imagined. Fifties retro, Roaring twenties gangsters, Hippies, and now this Hollywood red carpet…the list goes on! This year will be the seventh year in row (since Miss Eliza was born!) doing their annual photoshoot – which always happens to fall near their December birthdays. The best part of this session was that these two did basically everything in these photos without my posing them (only some mild cohersion to be in the general vicinity of each other). Eliza won the prize for finding her inner diva and being a real hollywood princess! They are beautiful children and I look forward to their session every year. Thank you Christyn and Toby for sharing these munchkins with me again! It was so wonderful seeing you!! Enjoy!!

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  1. Christyn Blosser says:

    Wow, Jennifer! You ( we!) did it again!!! Another fabulous session and beautiful results-don’t know why I sweat it when putting it together-you always pull it off (and despite such difficult conditions as “actors” with their own agendas and littles divas!). Thanks again!

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